Inspired by Derek Sivers Now Project

Updated Friday 19th January 2018.

Currently I am:

  • Working hard to finish the studio build in Merleac, Brittany, France. Learning skills I didn't know I had! Hoping to open late March - April.

  • Moved up from small Bollywood part to Principal role in "Axman" - currently shooting - low budget full length feature film. I play Roger Willows. Cannot say anymore as I signed an NDA! Will say more when I can. Extremely excited, learning a hell of a lot on set for the past two weeks. About 6 more days to shoot in 2-3 day chunks.

  • Written and recorded in 30 minutes - decided to enhance the audio with a mic that I had recording in the room as I filmed on the iPad, and release to iTunes etc "Not With A Bang" - a response to a dreadful week of Trump and his megalomania. You can see the video with enhanced audio here. Digital release available here and of course iTunes, Amazon etc.

  • Happy to have landed my first feature film - a small part in a Bollywood movie! "Love Otsvam" - directed by Kunal Kohli