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Written and recorded in 30 minutes on the evening of Friday 11th August 2017. A crazy week of madness and megalomania from the Trump. Originally I set out to just film myself on the iPad performing the song, to upload immediately to Facebook - but I'd set up another microphone in the studio in case I wanted to improve the sound of the video. As it turned out, at first when I listened back to the mic recording, it wasn't great - the microphone wasn't really in the right place to get a good balance with guitar and voice. However, after a bit of playing around I decided to try to add in the audio stripped from the iPad video - with some added reverb and crafty EQ I came up with what I think is an acceptable "live" performance audio track. So this is what I'm releasing, whilst the song still has some timely resonance - who knows whether it'll be appropriate in even just a few days!

Download and streaming links will follow soon.