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Following the single “Let’s Talk” Simon was invited by Wolfgang Auer of Hotline Studios and X Records to record an album. This would have been in 1980 or 1981.

Steve Phypers and bassist Robbie Romp of London band The Action joined Simon in Frankfurt for a week, with Simon eventually spending several months at Hotline completing the album. Nigel Jopson and Simon were left to their own devices and experimented with little interference from Wolfgang, who only came in at the close to mix the album with Hotline’s other staff engineer Andy Lunn. Simon hated the results. These were the mixes that made it to the German release on X Records of the clumsily named What In The World Is Happening Next? Wolfgang couldn’t understand the meaning of the Simon’s intended title - the simpler What In The World? and insisted no German would either…


Fortunately Simon and Nigel had already completed their own mixes. Simon refused to work with X Records on the promotion, disowning the album that he felt bore no relation to the work that he and Nigel had spent months creating. The German pressing of the album is still around, and can be found from time to time on eBay - mostly in Germany and Austria. A single, What In The World/Lately, was also released in Germany on X Records. Relations with Wolfgang improved after the release of the album, which failed to achieve any notable success, and it was agreed that Simon could release his own mixes on his own label in the UK.

Having formed China Disques, Simon was reluctant to use his own name at that time (reasons are unknown at this time) and instead decided to use
TANGO ECHO DELTA DELTA - after hearing his name spelled out on the intercom by an ex-serviceman doorman at the PRS offices in London, where he was waiting for an appointment.

The complete album was never released in the UK, and only now in 2016 has Simon decided to make it available on all digital media.