In 1980 Simon was gigging under the band name Simon Tedd and the Adventures, or sometimes just The Adventures. The London pub-rock circuit included places like The Windsor Castle on Harrow Road, The Greyhound at Fulham Palace Rd, The 101 Club, The Rock Garden and The Nashville. Simon had signed a deal with Cliff Cooper of AMI records in early summer, and recorded a single, Let’s Talk. Unhappy with the final mix, a chance meeting with recording engineer Nigel Jopson, who Simon knew from his days with an early incarnation of the prog-rock band England, led to an invitation to re-mix the single at Hotline Studios in Frankfurt Germany.

Released on July 4th 1980 by “whispering” Cliff Cooper’s short lived AMI Record label. Cliff Cooper was the founder of
Orange Amplification, and also managed singer John Miles. The track Let’s Talk, along with the B side A Pocketful of Spies was recorded in the Glitter Band’s central London studio (Charlotte Street?) with the musicians from Simon’s then gigging band the Adventures: Keith Jones - Bass guitar, Dr Alex Jamieson - drums, Geoff Gullick - keyboards. The single was mixed at Hotline Studios Frankfurt by Nigel Jopson, and led to a deal being signed with Wolfgang Auer of X Records, Germany. A Pocketful of Spies was later re-recorded at Hotline and appears on the Simon Tedd album What In The World? released on X Records Germany, 1981.