The Boomerang Gang appeared on the London scene on April 1st 1984 with a special "invitation only" self-promoted show at Witchity's on Kensington High Street. The band rapidly built up a following through the vibrant club life of the mid-eighties - mainly due to the extraordinary charisma of the original lead singer, Mathew Bryant (Mafia), appearing regularly at the now-defunct Embassy Club

"Rock Out" was released on Survival records in 1985, by which time David Shaw (Shark) had replaced Mathew as vocalist. The band guested on Radio 1's the Janice Long Show

"Dr. Jones"
was released on WEA Records 1986. Produced by Walter Samual & Liam Henshall

Following the release of Dr Jones the band opted to change its name and moved away from the club - rock - dance scene by then being so successfully mined by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. They became The Factory, and under the management of Jazz Summers recorded several tracks, none of which were commercially released. These tracks are now available on CD to special order only - e mail for details.

The Boomerang Gang recorded over one album’s worth of demos of varying quality. It is hoped that these will be released through iTunes in the near future

The Boomerang Gang were: Mike Ansell (Bass) Mickey Sparrow (Drums) Simon Scardanelli (Keyboards - known then as Simon Tedd) Mike "Milton" McDonald (Guitar) Dave "Shark" Shaw (Vocals)

Sparrow & Ansell were formerly members of Blue Zoo
Both Milton & Shark left the band in late '86, and were replaced by Dave Lockwood on guitar and Paul V. Smith on vocals. This incarnation was known briefly as
Discipline and appeared at the ICA Rock Week in January 1987. A live version of "Chime" from that concert was featured on the "Dotted Line" compilation album released subsequently. Also appearing on this compilation were The Blue Aeroplanes, Voice of the Beehive (with whom Shark & Simon would tour in 1988 as Big Bam Boo), and The Wonderstuff. Co-incidently, though they never met at the ICA, Simon met and became friends with Rob Jones, the Wonderstuff's bass player, in New York in 1993.

Tracks on the player on this page have been dubbed from cassette copies of the demos, the original masters having been lost.