"The Eye Camera checks in with Death Row Tales, the sort of dark, pleasant, pop-accessible, folksy, yet centrally unhappy disc that you simply can't help being simultaneously drawn to and driven from. The vocals are strong, crisp, and powerful. The music is usually tauntingly upbeat, though "Why?" is a downright depressing storytelling piece. Perhaps the band is a dark, brooding Pet Shop Boys from an evil alternative universe, but The Eye Camera is clearly one-of-a-kind. Though it's a royal pain to describe, Death Row Tales is both an artistic and musical masterpiece." -
Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newlsetter, 1994.

"Simon Scardanelli is the entire band and he recorded and produced this disc of original material in his apartment. And it's quite good. He combines the best excesses of Julian Cope with those of Sound of Skin and comes up with richly detailed darkness. Despite its bleak orientation it's a surprisingly creative listen, and not at all a trial to sit through"
Sound Views Subterranean Music & Culture, New York, Sept 1994.