Released January 2005

"Pretty much stripped back to acoustic strummed basics and Scardanelli's slightly nasal tones there's plenty here to engage and enfold with songs that pitch into downbeat takes on politics, love and social issues, be it be the depressing urban vision of ‘A Town Called Iron Strike’ where he sounds like an anti-Martyn Joseph, the angry homeless-lined streets of the largely spoken ‘Why?’, or the despairing folk blues ‘My Punishment’ which evokes the early work of Roy Harper.

On the dramatic speak-sing fable ‘
The Ballad of Genevieve’, Chris DeBurgh collides with Nick Cave, while the soaring cry for reconciliation and redemption of the dramatic ‘If You Could See Me Now’ provides a hopeful contrast to the pessimistic view of humanity encompassed in ‘Uncommon Times’. It's good to have him back, even if he's unlikely to send you out into the night feeling overwhelmed by the joys of life."
Mike Davies,