The version on the player here was revised in 2013 - piano & harmony vocal added. The iTunes version is guitar and voice only.
A fully re-worked version will appear on a future album.

Released 24th July 2011

"A few weeks ago I watched a documentary on the BBC about soldiers fighting in Helmand province, Afganistan. Shot mostly via cameras fitted to the soldiers helmets, the program offered an visceral account of life on the front line. If you're interested, here's a link to the Ministry of Defence site with more information."
In the episode I watched, a 19 year old soldier was killed, hit by a bullet that found a slight gap in the body armour he was wearing. This terribly sad and moving event stayed with me, and a couple of weeks ago I wrote "Sweet Sixteen". I recorded it a day later and decided to release it straight on to iTunes.

Of course this is an anti-war song - but the TV program is thought provoking - I think perhaps that it's the first time I've really thought about why young men would want to enlist; join an army and fight, and possibly die.