A selection of Electroacoustic works 1999-2010

Simon studied Electroacoustic composition under Professor Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, and was awarded his PhD in July 2010.

compositions, installations & commissions

Aqualogica II - Siren Call - commissioned by White Night Brighton 2010 - an electroacoustic sound installation. A sonic environment of DSP treated and non-treated acoustic sounds. Recorded musical performances written especially for the piece feature as elements within the abstract narrative. You are invited to take a sea-voyage aboard the SS Aqualogica II, sailing in the late 1800s. Beware the sea spirits dancing in bubbles off the stern. They cannot see you, nor hear your cries for help. Beware the Siren Call, she will beguile and seduce you and send you to the depths of the ocean.

On Saturday 16th October 2010 the eerie underworld of Brighton’s magnificent Victorian sewers resonated to the sound of experimental Norwegian folk singer Unni Løvlid. Simon Scardanelli followed Unni and her audience through the labyrinth with a portable recording device. At 11pm that evening, Unni performed “Alone in the Dark” at the Brighton Unitarian Church. This concert was also recorded by Scardanelli.

Elements from these two performances were incorporated into a new work commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council/White Night Brighton. Two sonic environments were created; one sub-aqua and one in-air, running synchronously. A musical narrative, comprising sea-shanties played on fiddle, accordian and mandolin, was woven into the electroacoustic score, and swimmers could enter the sub-aqua underworld of the Siren via submersion.

The event began at 10 p.m and finished at 2 a.m., in a repeated performance cycle of 30 minutes.

is Scardanelli’s second sub-aqua installation; the first being AQUALOGICA, diffused in the Edwardian Moseley Baths, Birmingham, in October 2000, commissioned by Metapod Expo. Elements of this piece are incorporated in the sub-aqua score of Aqualogica II.

The installation premiered on Saturday 30th October 2010 at the Prince Regent Swimming Pool, as part of Brighton’s
White Night.


Unni Løvlid - voice
Ade Ward - violin - (Fiddle & Squeeze)
Joe Hinchcliff - accordian (Fiddle & Squeeze)
Fred Gregory - mandoline
Pete Wingate - whistle

Unni Løvlid’s performances on the 16th October were part of the
World Sacred Music Festival, who’s collaboration and assistance Scardanelli gratefully acknowledges.

PROGRAMME NOTES for Portfolio.

2010 Guitar=God - a guitar is re-strung, all elements of the process recorded, digitally manipulated, and finally the guitar sounds, loud & proud.

2006 de(re)generation – acousmatic sound installation at Old Mill Gallery, Leicester. Taking the urban regeneration theme of my 2000 piece, this work features renowned architect and regeneration guru Lord Rogers, speaking to local councils on urban planning issues. The text is set against interviews with the disgruntled and apprehensive working people whose lives will shortly be dramatically altered by the re-development.

On Stones I Draw III – third and final part of video installation by Mo White. Surround sound. DVD. Various galleries UK and Eire, Berlin.

On Stones I Draw II – second part of video installation trilogy by Mo White. Surround sound. Various galleries UK and Eire. Berlin. DVD.

On Stones I Draw – video installation by Mo White. Surround sound. Part 1 of trilogy. Various galleries UK and Eire. Berlin. DVD.

The Lonely Bridge Song a play by Nowell Wallace. Performed at MAC 14th - 19th May 01.
Four pieces for a play dealing with issues of homelessness.

2001-2002 Stage Fright – a short film by Sofia Pileci. I was approached by the Director to create a soundtrack to a film which would have no dialogue or live sound. I decided to create the soundtrack from recordings of the actual process of filming over the three day shoot, gathering sound from both the live action and the operational action of cameras, trolleys, personnel etc. In my studio I then sourced, created and added sound effects, as well as digitally manipulating the source material. Working to single-frame accuracy I orchestrated the action, creating a humourous and unconventional electro-acoustic score. Stage Fright has been shown at Film Festivals worldwide.

2000 de(re)construction - commissioned by the Birmingham Wide Forward Festival, Artistic Director Dr. J.T Harrison, Project Leader - Trevor Wishart. The Digbeth area of Birmingham is known for its industrial heritage, soon to be swept away with the East Side development program. de(re)construction visits factories and workshops, some of which have operated in the area for decades, and talks to owners and workers about the future. Is there a place for manufacturing in the new media-based Digbeth? Will the grind of thread rolling machines and clack of steel stampers be forever lost, to be replaced by the hiss of the cappuccino machine? de(re)construction is both a historical document of a vanishing industry and a celebration of a vision for the city of the future. A city where the currency of manufacturing is being replaced by one of ideas, knowledge and learning. Premiered November 16th 2000 at CBSO Centre as part of BEAST's 2000/2001 concert series. Also a featured Installation at IKON Gallery Birmingham, 9/10 December 2000.

"The concert closed with some genuine industrial music. Simon Scardanelli's de(re)construction literally built up from Digbeth factory thrashings, clankings and clumpings, with true-life-of-a-foreman interviews rising up from the decibel crush, the participants very wary of the Millennium Point media-focused makeover driving out the old grimy factories. This was clearly the best fulfilment of the City Scape brief." - Martin Longley, Birmingham Post. Premiered 16th November 2000 at the CBSO Centre Birmingham

Aqualogica – electro-acoustic sub-aqua installation. Sounds produced by the steam-powered machinery at the splendidly Edwardian Moseley Baths, together with biological and environmental sound sources, form the material used in the composition of Aqualogica. A site specific work commissioned by Immerse, part of the Metapod Expo held in October 2000. For my piece listeners were required to enter the water to experience the sub-aqua diffusion through high powered diver control relays specially imported from the USA.

Fragments of Democracy - commissioned by Birmingham City Council. The final meeting of Birmingham City Council of 1999 was recorded in its 6 hour entirety. From fly-on-the-wall veritas to heavy digital processing of the day’s proceedings, my electro-acoustic composition juxtaposes tradition with a futuristic sonic commentary. A melee of political rhetoric, social comment and procedural banality, Fragments of Democracy is an intriguing political document; a sonic Hansard for the people.

A Sharp Intake of Breath - premiered at Birmingham Symphony Hall. Featured on SPIKE - Works from BEAST Vol. 1, CD released on Sargasso Records (reviewed in The Wire, May 2001).

1995-98 Various commissions and songs included in soundtracks for cinema.
Films include Dead Man’s Curve, I Shot A Man In Vegas.

1990-95 Sound Installations in Art galleries and exhibition spaces in New York, Berlin and London.